Daily Cup

A Daily Driver for everyday conditions. Semi-piggy shape with a pulled in nose that allows deep locked in noserides. With no extra nose baggage, excels in executing critical drop knee turns.

Sizes 9'0"-10'0" 

The Pigpen

Born and raised in the South Bay, it's hard for Kris Hall not to be influenced by what's came before him when Hermosa Beach was the "True Surf City." 

Sizes 9'0"-10." In the late 50s/early 60s, it was all about the pig and each of the South Bay's big five had their own version stemming from Dale Velzy's prototype. 


The money shot nowadays seems to be tip time. Here's your vehicle to perch, pose, arch, thrust, and raise the roof on while eating a ham sandwich, shuffling a deck of cards, or styling your 'do. 

Sizes 9'0"-15'0" 

New Speedway Boogie

This 70s style mid-length is all about one thing:  Setting lines inside the crystal cathedral.


Rhythmically beating away like a Buddy Rich drum solo, the Jazzy Jive Pintail spontaneously performs while holding the backbeat of a true line.

Sizes 9'0"-15'0" 

Double Shot Espresso

Another vehicle designed to handle everyday slop, the Fly Fish makes mush burgers appetizing. The extra foam allows easier access to tubular situations.